Microsoft Project 2013 – Introduction

Course Length: 2 Days
Course Format: Instructor–Led
Course Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Course Description

Course Description:  You need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project. Microsoft® Project 2013 acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. In this course, you will create and modify a project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. This course will build upon the knowledge gained, and give you the opportunity to work with a project plan once it reaches the project implementation phase.

Course Objective: You will create a project plan containing tasks, organize these tasks in a work breakdown structure containing task relationships, create and assign resources, and finalize the project to implement the project plan. You will exchange project plan data with other applications, update project plans, create visual reports, and reuse project plan information.

Target Student: This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage these project plans.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Microsoft Office Project environment and the various views in which you can survey a project file.
  • Create a new project plan.
  • Manage tasks by organizing them and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources for a project.
  • Finalize the project plan.
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications.
  • Update a project plan.
  • Manage project costs.
  • Report project data visually.
  • Reuse project plan information.
Course Content


Lesson 1: Starting a Project
  • Project Management 101
  • Navigate and Customize the Project 2013 Interface
  • Add Tasks to a Project
  • Add Resources to a Project
  • Save a Project
Lesson 2: Working with Project Calendars
  • Manage Project Time Frames
  • Change Working Time
Lesson 3: Working with Project Tasks
  • Manage Project Tasks
  • Add Summary Tasks and Milestones
Lesson 4: Working with Project Resources
  • Manage Project Resources
  • Allocate and Level Work Resources
Lesson 5: Delivering a Project Plan
  • Print Project Views
  • Share Projects
  • Export Projects
Lesson 6: Creating a Network Diagram
  • Network Diagrams
  • Use Shape Data
  • Use Layers
Lesson 7: Styling a Diagram
  • Shape and Connector Styles
  • Themes and Variants
  • Use Containers


Lesson 1: Managing the Project Environment
  • Link Projects
  • Baseline a Project
  • Work with Custom Fields
Lesson 2: Managing Task Structures
  • Change a Task List
  • Create a Network Diagram
  • Manage the Critical Path
  • Use Lag and Lead
  • Analyze Earned Value
Lesson 3: Generating Project Views
  • Use View Commands
  • Use Existing Views
  • Create Custom Views
  • Format and Share the Timeline View
Lesson 4: Producing Project Reports
  • Use Existing Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Export Visual Reports