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  • Are your curious about what Power BI is?


  • Do you already have a data model established, and folks in your office want you to create interactive visualizations?

  • Is your data not transactional?

  • Does your data need transformation before it is ready for “Prime Time?”

  • Do you need to understand the nuts and bolts of Power BI including Power Pivot?

  • Do you need to know more about DAX functions?

  • Are you the creator of the data model, sophisticated calculations and interactive dashboards?

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Power BI Boot Camp
Join the Revolution!
3 Days ( March)
4 Days ( April)
Power BI DAX Functions
Creating Measures and KPIs
1 Day$55021753
Power BI Desktop
Visualizing Data
1 Day$550CallCall64
Power Query Level 1
Extract, Transform and Load
1 Days$550CallCall42
Power Query Level 2
Amazing Transformations!
1 Day$600CallCallCallCall

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s powerful and analytical toolset that enables organizations to make timely and strategic business decisions.  Behind Power BI sit 4 powerful engines.  Power Pivot is the central engine that powers everything; you can’t do anything else without it!  The 3 other engines are Power Query (aka Get Data in Excel 2016), Power Map (renamed to 3D Maps in Excel 2016), and Power View.

How Does Power BI Work?

In a nutshell, you load your transactional and lookup data into the Data Model in Power Pivot from as many different sources as necessary.  If your data needs cleanup before it goes into the Data Model, you can do amazing things with Power Query.  Once your clean data is loaded and relationships between your tables are correctly established, you write calculations (Explicit Measures) using DAX functions.  DAX functions are similar to Excel functions, but they are much more powerful and different enough to require training.  (In our 3-day BI Bootcamp, the entire 2nd day is dedicated to writing Measures using DAX functions).  If you need KPIs, you need Explicit Measures.  Once the Measures are created, you can start creating powerful visuals using standard Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, or you can create more visually-appealing analyses using Power Map/3D Maps and Power View.

Power BI Desktop is a stunning interface to all 4 of the engines (above).  If your IT department has already created a Data Model and written Measures for you, you can use Power BI Desktop to do amazing things.  If you are responsible for creating the Data Model, writing Measures, and presenting the Visuals, you need to take CompuTrain’s 3-Day Power BI Boot Camp, our featured course.

Our course content and delivery are continuously refined with each release of the Microsoft Office Business Intelligence tools resulting in training classes that are always current, impactful, engaging, and purposeful.

Why Take the Power BI Boot Camp Class at CompuTrain?

To date, most CompuTrain students have opted to attend our Power BI Boot Camp class, our featured Power BI course, which delivers an end-to-end instructional presentation of Microsoft Power BI.

The class was strategically designed to give the proper amount and depth of instruction in the different Power BI components to allow students to return to the workplace and be successful.

In Power BI Boot Camp, students are creating their own Power BI Solutions.  We are not simply demonstrating previously-built data models.  It is a DIY (do-it-yourself) experience.

Finally, the class is an In-Person, Instructor-Led class.  It is not a remote or virtual class nor a hybrid class.  Your professional Power BI instructor is with you in the classroom to directly ask questions about class content, including questions that pertain to your specific implementation.   It is also important to have the convenience of an instructor with the ability to look over your shoulder to ensure you are grasping the content being delivered.

How Does Power BI Differ in each Excel Version?

Because Power BI is evolving rapidly, it’s challenging to know what to ask for when you need training. Here’s a breakdown of how they fit together depending on the version of Excel you are using.

If you are in Excel 2016

  • PowerPivot is built-in to Excel
  • Power Query is built-in to Excel and has been renamed Get Data
    (aka Integrated Power Query Technology)
  • Power Map is built-in and has been renamed 3D Maps
  • Power View is built-in, but not in the ribbon (albeit easy to add)
  • Power BI Desktop is available for free download from your Microsoft account
  • Power BI is available through your Microsoft account
  • Power BI Pro is available for a fee through your online Microsoft account
  • Like Power BI Desktop, Power BI and Power BI Pro are stunning interfaces to all 4 core engines (see above), but the data in the Data Model is populated as a live connection to data.

If you are in Excel 2013

  • PowerPivot is built-in to Excel
  • Power Query is a free Add-In
  • Power Map Preview is a free Add-In
  • Power View is free Add-In
  • Power BI Desktop is available for free download from your Microsoft account
  • Power BI is available through your online Microsoft account

If you are in Excel 2010:

  • Power Pivot is a free Add-In
  • Power Query is a free Add-In
  • Power Map is not available
  • Power View is not available
  • Power BI Desktop is available for free download from your Microsoft account


All Microsoft Power BI Classes in Houston are held at:
CompuTrain Training Center – Houston
6800 W. Loop South, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77401